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Flooring Design Trends in 2020


Hardwood Is Still the Popular Choice

Hardwood flooring keeps growing in popularity, and is far and away the favored flooring choice for houses. Even though there's an expanding collection of flooring materials which attempt to imitate the look of timber, many homeowners still need the timeless, classic beauty of the real thing. Man-made materials simply aren't able to replicate the warmth, fashion and natural comfort a wood flooring brings to your home. It doesn't hurt that timber floors add value to your home, last a lengthy time, and can be refinished as tastes or fashion trends evolve.

What's Trending for Hardwood in 2020

Shade tendencies for 2020 are intriguing in that they represent opposite ends of this spectrum, based upon your personal preference and design objectives. Grey tones of the last couple of years have been gradually transitioning in hue towards lighter and beige earth tones. Up to now, the"greige" has really turned into a color used to describe this transitional colour spectrum. By and large, the color palette is shifting toward light and natural wood tones. Floors of light blonde or warm honey give a warm, open and airy feel that make spaces feel larger, yet welcoming. These lighter natural tones are easily the most notable trend for 2020 and the foreseeable future.

On the other side of the colour spectrum, rich and dark tones are extremely hot right now. Think along the lines of deep or chocolate espresso. These luxurious dark tones are rich and refined, setting the state to create striking interior design contrasts.

Regardless of color options, wider planks for strip floors are extremely popular. Planks, 5 inches or wider, show the beauty of the wood and helps make rooms look bigger.

Past Strip Flooring

In the close of 2019, there has been a noticeable gain in the popularity of parquet flooring. The coming years should show an even more substantial increase in this versatile hardwood flooring option. The attractiveness of parquet lies from the almost unlimited number of alternatives available to homeowners today. Parquet comes in a vast array of patterns and woods, and may be laid in several of methods to increase your design options even more. Depending on how you design it, parquet flooring can be used to make traditional classic styles, or stunning contemporary interiors.

The final notable trend in flooring is really a reflection of a broader tendency in Western consumerism. More and more, homeowners are seeking out products which are manufactured right here in the USA. For hardwood flooring, this is especially true when it comes to our domestic species: oak, maple, hickory, etc.. Consumers understand that if they are buying 100% American made flooring, they are receiving the finest materials, construction and craftsmanship available. Also significant, is that they are very likely supporting businesses who believe in responsible manufacturing, and creating safe, healthy, green products that will endure a lifetime in their property.

For a plethora of reasons, hardwood floors continues to grow in popularity, with no signs of slowing down. The only issue is, which style is ideal for you?


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